Optimal design of switching power supply by Zhanyou Sha, Xiaojun Wang, Yanpeng Wang, Hongtao Ma

By Zhanyou Sha, Xiaojun Wang, Yanpeng Wang, Hongtao Ma

A latest evaluate of switching energy layout equipment with actual international applications

• Written through a number one writer popular in his field
• specializes in switching energy offer layout, manufacture and debugging
• Switching strength offers have relevance for modern purposes together with cell phone chargers, laptops and PCs
• in line with the authors' profitable "Switching energy Optimized layout 2d version" (in Chinese)
• hugely illustrated with layout examples of genuine international functions

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AC passes through the rectifier bridge and the filter capacitor to produce DC input high voltage UI when TOPSwitch is on; VD is in off-state, and the primary side current rises along a ramp. 8) In this formula, IPRI is the primary current containing the peak current IP and the ripple current IR ; II , the initial value of the primary current; UDS (ON) , the drain-source on-state voltage of MOSFET; tON , the conducting time; and LP , the inductance value of the primary winding. Owing to the off-state of VD, the primary side is insulated from the output load.

If the simulation results are inconsistent with the expected ones, reasons should be found out. Step 4: Build it! Complete the design. Order the module, test suite, or evaluation board according to the circuit diagram and printed board diagram generated from the design, so as to apply the final design in reality. 3 Internal Protection Circuit of SMPS There are many different types of protection circuits inside the SMPS. For example, the early TOPSwitch series were designed with over-current protection circuit, over-temperature protection current, power-off and auto restart circuit, and LEB circuit.

In the basic feedback circuit of TOPSwitch, the high-frequency transformer has three major functions of energy storage, output insulation, and voltage regulation. 11 NP , NS , and NB represent primary winding, secondary winding, and bias winding, and respective number of windings. A transient voltage suppressor (TVS) and a super fast recovery diode (SRD) form a drain electrode clamp protection circuit that can absorb the peak voltage generated by the leakage inductance of the primary winding, keeping the drain voltage of MOSFET in a safe range.

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