Operation and Control of Electric Energy Processing Systems by James Momoh, Lamine Mili

By James Momoh, Lamine Mili

The aim of this ebook is to supply a operating wisdom and an publicity to innovative advancements in operation and keep watch over of electrical strength processing platforms. The publication specializes in the modeling and regulate of interdependent communications and electrical power structures, Micro-Electro-Mechanical platforms (MEMS), and the interdisciplinary schooling component to the EPNES initiative.

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Nuisance faults are projected onto the unobservable space of residuals while maintaining observability of target faults; then target faults are identified as in the BJD filter. When every fault is detected, BJD and RDD filters are equivalent. The most recent version of the BJD filter, the so-called unknown input (UI) observer approach, was proposed in [20] using the eigenstructure assignment and the Kronecker canonical form as design methods, and in [16] using geometric techniques. In the UI observer approach, nuisance faults are projected onto the unobservable subspace so that residuals are influenced only by the target fault, simplifying in this way the decision task.

The information exchange capability among the routers facilitates coordination that can reconfigure the network when the designated principal control center of the system has collapsed from a natural or human-made disaster. The IPR uses direct monitoring, area-limited online security assessment, and adaptive reconfigurable controls to establish a coordinated and local set of control actions as preventive countermeasures to anticipate a potential disturbance or provide corrective countermeasures following a disturbance.

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