Noncommutative Geometry and Global Analysis: Conference in by Alain Connes, Alexander Gorokhovsky, Matthias Lesch, Markus

By Alain Connes, Alexander Gorokhovsky, Matthias Lesch, Markus Pflaum, Bahram Rangipour

This quantity represents the lawsuits of the convention on Noncommutative Geometric equipment in international research, held in honor of Henri Moscovici, from June 29-July four, 2009, in Bonn, Germany. Henri Moscovici has made a couple of significant contributions to noncommutative geometry, worldwide research, and illustration concept. This quantity, consisting of articles via a number of the best specialists in those fields, presents a wide ranging view of the interactions of noncommutative geometry with a number of components of arithmetic. It makes a speciality of geometry, research and topology of manifolds and singular areas, index thought, crew illustration concept, connections of noncommutative geometry with quantity idea and mathematics geometry, Hopf algebras and their cyclic cohomology

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21]). The Hochschild chain complex is by definition (C• (A) , b). Let u be a formal variable of degree −2. Define CC− • (A) = (C• (A) [[u]] , b + uB) ; per CC• (A) = C• (A) u, u−1 , b + uB ; CC• (A) = C• (A) u, u−1 / (uC• (A) [[u]]) , b + uB . ALGEBRAIC INDEX THEOREM FOR SYMPLECTIC DEFORMATIONS OF GERBES. 27 5 These are, respectively, the negative cyclic, the periodic cyclic, and the cyclic complexes of A over k. These definitions can be naturally extended to sheaves of algebras. In [5], we defined the Hochschild complex C• (A) and the negative cyclic complex CC− • (A) for any algebroid stack.

Extend A by zero to g g[1]. Then the class corresponding to an invariant polynomial F is equal to cF = F (Θ, . . , Θ) where 1 [A, A] 2 (cf. [11]). ,the Chevalley-Eilenberg differential plus the one induced by the differential on g g[1]. In particular, since the ad-action of h integrates to the action of H, we can apply this construction to the Chern classes cp ∈ H 2p (g, h; C) for even p, which correspond to the restrictions to sp (2d) of elementary symmetric polynomials, viewed as invariant polynomials on gl (2d).

Let B = HN be a Borel subgroup with H = T · A a Cartan subgroup such that T = K ∩ H, and A is split. Then μ := λL − λR determines a character of T, ν := λL + λR a character of A. The standard module and irreducible module attached to Φ are as before, X(λL , λR ) := IndG B [Cμ ⊗ Cν ⊗ 11]K−finite , L(λL , λR ) unique irreducible quotient containing Vμ . 2. Unipotent Representations. An Arthur parameter is a homomorphism Ψ : WR × SL(2) −→ L G such that Ψ(WR ) is bounded. The Langlands homomorphism attached to Ψ is 0 z 1/2 ΦΨ (z) := Ψ z, 0 z −1/2 A special unipotent parameter is an Arthur parameter satisfying Ψ |C× = Triv .

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