New Aspects of Cheap Food. With a Table of Foods in by Rudolph Keller

By Rudolph Keller

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The same over-estimation of the white colour and outer appearance has led to the over-consumption of white flour, often artificially bleached. The English are bound by the same love of the white colour, as a sign of purity, that has dominated the housekeepers of all climes and increased the demand for the highly processed and artificially refined sugar. England has the record consumption in Europe of refined sugar, as the average person of the higher income classes eats no less than 2lbs. a week.

The leading group, the flours and potatoes, constitute the bulk of the unrationed foods, and of the present diet, of which mainly two carbohydrates, sugar and treacle, are at present rationed. No housekeeper needs advice on this subject; all of them use as much as possible of these carbohydrates. I repeat that the cheapness of potatoes is generally over-estimated, on account of its four-fifths water content and its very low content of protein and fat. But it contains enough vitamin G, if one eats half a pound a day, and its delicate albumen gives it a fine taste.

These, they think, are far superior to the English and French methods of catering for the armoured divisions. In Britain the opinion is expressed that the Western army diet is inferior to the German diet. As early as April, 1940, a food expert stated in The Times that the unpreparedness of soya reserves was one of the severest defeats of England in this war. I am not in a position to discuss strategical problems, but it seems to me that an army which is not obliged to drag about the large quantities of bulky .

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