Near Rings and Their Links with Groups by J.D.P. Meldrum

By J.D.P. Meldrum

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4) (Xn~ ~ antn) i ) , shows that are i s o b a r i c ~ or r a t h e r 0 : ~K(Gm) qroups. the coefficients polynomials from ~ in the a.

3 All word-morphisms corresponding quired to the g r o u p properties Assoeiativity diagram. c a n be d e r i v e d of of operation. 5 GxG properties in the required category The m o r p h i s m m a y be G 2 ~ G 2, for f summed (x,y) ~ to d e f i n e up as a group follows. (x,f(x,y)) , is an isomor- phism. This a monoid corresponds to the a x i o m a t i c (associative system), where definition all of a g r o u p as left m u l t i p l i c a t i o n s are b i j e c t i v e . 7 the h o r i z o n t a l An a l t e r n a t i v e to impose an arrow way denotes of d e f i n i n g (ordinary) group for a n y o b j e c t we a co n t r a v a r i a n t ' f u n c t o r any morphism from u Mor(W,G) : V ~ W into V involution a group structure Mor(V,G) obtain the structure on the in the c a t e g o r y , in the in q r o u p s .

For all n" Indeed, we O have proved But, take free the if lift e : K 9': K ' ~ Ko , K'. We can 0 o theorem ~ K for buds. 1 the lifted group-law theorem the e x t e n s i o n for buds, and theorem of concerninq Here we "Don n e c e s s a r i l y while. K'. 15). 9. A d i q r e s s i o n so that over theorem. 1) introduction Definition. 8) to a n d the the commutativity is d r o p p e d . 2 we used II of G of a Lie of written x,y ~ alqebra mutandis, structure the change on t h e t a n g e n t group.

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