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Posterior hip dislocations are also associated with femoral neck fractures and/or femoral shaft fractures in 45%. On reducing them, either bone or cartilaginous fragments may get caught between the acetabulum and the femoral head, impeding their full reduction. CT scanning will often show the presence of the fragment that the surgeon may then remove arthroscopically (Fig. 62). Anterior hip dislocations are uncommon (10%), and the femoral head slides anteriorally and inferiorly into the obturator notch in most patients (90%), although occasionally the head will go anteriorally and superiorally (10%), where it is associated with an anterior column acetabular fracture (Fig.

Remember that, if you see a superior dislocation, this is usually associated with a fracture distally at the ankle. Once again, let me stress that, if you see what appears to be an isolated fracture of the proximal fibula or an isolated dislocation of the proximal tibiofibular joint, you must x-ray the entire tibia and fibula from the knee down to and including the ankle (ring-of-bone concept). 28 Chapter 1 Figure 72 Posterior dislocation of the knee with the tibia lying markedly posterior to the femur.

Supination adduction rotation injury. pronation external rotation injury. pronation abduction injury. pronation dorsiflexion injury. The first word refers to the position of the foot at the time of the injury, and the second word to the direction that the talus goes as a result of the injury. Supination External Rotation Injury Stage 1 is rupture of the inferior anterior tibiofibular ligament. Stage 2 is stage 1 as well as an oblique spiral fracture of the lateral malleolus. Stage 3 is stage 2 as well Figure 78 (A, B, C) Supination adduction injury.

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