Modeling and Analysis with Induction Generators by M. Godoy Simões

By M. Godoy Simões

Now in its Third Edition, Alternative power structures: layout and research with Induction Generators has been renamed Modeling and research with Induction Generators to express the book’s fundamental objective―to current the basics of and most modern advances within the modeling and research of induction turbines.

New to the 3rd Edition

Revised equations and mathematical modeling

  • Addition of solved difficulties in addition to prompt difficulties on the finish of every chapter
  • New modeling and simulation cases
  • Mathematical modeling of the Magnus turbine for use with induction generators
  • Detailed comparability among the induction turbines and their competitors
  • Modeling and research with Induction turbines, 3rd version

    aids in realizing the method of self-excitation, numerical research of stand-alone and a number of induction turbines, necessities for optimized laboratory experimentation, program of contemporary vector keep an eye on, optimization of energy transference, use of doubly fed induction turbines, computer-based simulations, and social and monetary impacts.

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    The active power supplied by an induction generator to the circuit, similarly to what happens with the synchronous generators, can be controlled by speed variation, in other words, controlled by the mechanical primary power. In the case of the stand-alone operation of induction generators, the magnetizing current can be obtained from the self-excitation process. 11, the current I1 is leading Vph. This is due to the fact that the mechanical energy of rotation can only influence the active 34 Modeling and Analysis with Induction Generators component of the current; it does not affect the reactive component.

    To better understand the induction phenomenon in the asynchronous generator, it should first be understood what happens to the voltage across stator windings when the machine rotation goes from zero (or blocked rotor) to a rotation above the synchronous speed, ωs. This can be summarized by saying that the larger the difference of speed or the slip factor between the magnetic fields of the rotor, ωr, and the stator, ωs, the larger the induced voltage on the rotor. The smallest of these voltages happens when there is no relative rotation between the rotor and the stator, ωr = ωs.

    Let us designate by B the resulting flux that will only exist due to the magnetizing current Im, which, in turn, is proportional to the stator effective voltage, E1 ≅ Vph. These values will be constant for a constant Vph. Actually, under load, there is a small voltage drop across the stator winding due to load variations (current I1) through the stator impedance Z1, which is very small, as a rule. 6a where δ is also the angle between Ir and Im. 6 Magnetic fields of the induction generator. (a) Light loads and (b) heavy loads.

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