Mind at Ease: Self-Liberation through Mahamudra Meditation by Thrangu Rinpoche, Traleg Kyabgon

By Thrangu Rinpoche, Traleg Kyabgon

During this uniquely insightful review and perform consultant, Traleg Kyabgon offers a radical advent to the Kagyu lineage's Mahamudra culture. The author's procedure is straightforward—he offers the Mahamudra teachings as a way of seeing issues in, as he says, "a optimistic and open gentle. Even issues we'd usually regard as undesirable and bad might be interpreted in a extra uplifting manner end result of the expansiveness of the Mahamudra vision." Mahamudra—which capacity "great seal" or "great symbol," bearing on the logo or mark of final truth, or emptiness—points to the real nature of brain in addition to the final word insubstantiality of all things.

The booklet contains an exploration of Mahamudra basics and thorough factors of floor, direction, and Fruition Mahamudra, together with meditation thoughts for investigating, experiencing, and considering those teachings.

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To abandon the seven categories of defeats and so forth for the duration of one's life is to become fully ordained as a bhik~u (male or female). These are the categories for ordination. To condense these eight categories of pratimo~a into types, the fully ordained male and female catego1y is the first, the male and female novice as well as the female novice in training are the second, male and female lay ordination are the third, and the twenty-fourhour vow constitutes the fourth. Thus, although technically there are eight pratimok~a categories, they are condensed into these four.

B. The specific explanation of the format for the vow-receiving ritual in five additional subdivisions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The manner in which to receive vows previously unobtained The methods that guard the vows from deterioration The physical support necessary to receive the vows The methods for restoring damaged vows The benefits of guarding the vows 1. a. Briefly revealed: First, the manner for receiving vows not previously obtained is explained according to two traditions. The two traditions for obtaining vows refer to the rituals of the past and the present day.

They must have been fully ordained for at least ten years in order to be qualified to bestow ordination upon others. 2(c) The manner of accomplishment: Full ordination is received in progressive stages. " At the conclusion of three repetitions, the vows are obtained. The first line of the root text, "full ordination ·is received in progressive stages," refers to the usual step-by-step procedure whereby, ordinarily, one will take refuge, lay ordination, novice ordination, and full ordination in that order.

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