Malcolm X: Militant Black Leader (Black Americans of by Jack Rummel

By Jack Rummel

-- significantly acclaimed biographies of history's such a lot impressive African-Americans-- effortless and goal writing-- Lavishly illustrated with images and memorabilia-- crucial for multicultural reports

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For a while, Malcolm made a good living by selling stolen goods to pawn shops. His theft ring was finally uncovered when he took a stolen watch to be repaired. The police, on the lookout for the watch, arrested him when he retrieved it at the shop, and he received a 10-year prison sentence for burglary. His hustler’s luck had finally run out. Malcolm had survived several brushes with death, and his wild life had given him a bitter knowledge of the worst of human behavior. Yet when he entered Boston’s Charlestown State Prison in February 1946, he was only 20 years old.

When he at last finished a draft that satisfied him, he mailed it off. Muhammad answered him promptly, welcoming Malcolm to the knowledge of Islam and telling him to have courage. Following the Nation of Islam’s custom, 24-year-old Malcolm dropped his surname and replaced it with the letter X. Awakening Having once been a hustler, a drug-dealer, and a thief, Malcolm now set himself on a course to become an active minister of the Nation of Islam and a committed fighter for black freedom and dignity.

His readings included everything from discussions of the theory of genetics to documents about the pre – Civil War antislavery movement. Always reading with an eye for political content, he searched for examples of how the native populations of countries in Asia, Africa, and the Americas were exploited by foreign white rulers and how these peoples had built revolutionary movements to fight for their independence. B. Du Bois’s book Souls of Black Folk and Carter G. Fishing for Souls 47 Woodson’s Journal of Negro History.

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