Magnetism and Superconductivity in Iron-based by Franziska Hammerath

By Franziska Hammerath

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) has been a primary participant within the experiences of superconducting fabrics for lots of a long time. This neighborhood probe method permits the research of the static digital homes in addition to of the low power excitations of the electrons within the basic and the superconducting kingdom. On that account it has additionally been greatly utilized to Fe-based superconductors from the very starting in their discovery in February 2008. This dissertation includes a few of these first actual NMR effects, reflecting the novel nature of superconductivity and its powerful hyperlink to magnetism within the investigated compounds LaO1–xFxFeAs and LiFeAs.

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52kB Tc . 2 Spin-Lattice Relaxation Rate 39 Another famous example is superconducting A3 C60 (A = alkali metal). For this class of superconductors the Hebel-Slichter peak is suppressed by the application of high magnetic fields, suggesting an intermediate coupling regime within the BCS theory [96]. Other possible effects which could lead to a suppression of the Hebel-Slichter peak are a spread in superconducting transition temperatures within a sample or slight gap anisotropies [96]. While the existence of a Hebel-Slichter peak points strongly towards a conventional BCS s-wave pairing mechanism, the absence of it is not sufficient to interpret spin-lattice relaxation rates correctly in terms of other gap symmetries.

B|2 is the transition matrix element containing the coupling of the nuclear spins to the electronic system (hyperfine coupling). Experimentally, one can only measure the net transition rate between the energy levels E = E + ω and E, which is given by the difference of the transition rate from E to E , αs,E→E and the one back from E to E, αs,E →E : αs,E↔E = αs,E→E − αs,E →E ∝ NBCS (E)f (E)NBCS (E )[1 − f (E )] − NBCS (E )f (E )NBCS (E)[1 − f (E)] = NBCS (E)NBCS (E )[f (E) − f (E )] . 15) Furthermore, only processes with an energy difference E − E = ω are interesting.

C) Calculated Fermi-surface topology of LaOFeAs based on an effective four-band model. The Fermi surface consists of two hole pockets around Γ = (0, 0) and two electron pockets around M = (π, π) in the folded Brillouin zone. Blue (green) arrows denote main scattering vectors with Qafm = (π, π) (interband) and with the incommensurate intraband scattering QSDW .

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