Low-Enthalpy Geothermal Resources for Power Generation by D. Chandrasekharam

By D. Chandrasekharam

In lots of constructing nations the exponentially transforming into electrical energy call for should be lined through the use of in the community to be had, sustainable low-enthalpy geothermal assets (80-150 °C). Such low-enthalpy resources could make electrical energy iteration extra self reliant from oil imports or from the over-dependence on hydropower.  before this large power source has purely been utilized by a few built international locations just like the united states, Iceland and New Zealand. reasons why low-enthalpy geothermal assets should not used for electrical energy new release is that there's nonetheless a false impression that low-enthalpy thermal fluids are healthy just for direct application.  The development of drilling know-how, improvement of effective warmth exchangers and deployment of excessive delicate binary fluids give a contribution to the beneficial program of this strength source on a wider scale. This e-book makes a speciality of all points of low enthalpy geothermal thermal fluids. it will likely be an important source e-book for all scientists engaged on geothermal power improvement. Specifically those concerned with study in developing international locations wealthy in such thermal assets, and for agencies considering bilateral and overseas cooperation.

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3) and have been using these resources for the past centuries for bathing, and for the last few decades, for direct use, especially for space heating, bathing, domestic heat pumps, snow melting, heating greenhouses, aquaculture, drying of fruits, etc. Now, the challenge for these countries is to properly evaluate and to use these low-enthalpy resources for electricity generation. 1 Countries with experiences using high-enthalpy resources for power generation The countries which are already using high-temperature reservoirs for power generation need to be convinced to focus not only on their isolated high-temperature reservoirs, but also on their low-temperature resources which cover much larger parts of their countries than high-enthalpy resources do.

2). This map will give an estimation about the depth of 80 ◦ C isotherms that can be tapped to generate power using the present day available advanced technology. The only drawback in this map is that it does not cover several regions in developing countries. However, it is possible to update regional heat flow maps on the basis of several abandoned wells drilled for locating high-temperature resources in these regions. These wells were abandoned in the past since low-enthalpy resources potential had not been realized yet.

Fortunately, in many countries major low-enthalpy geothermal resources are located proximal to rural areas. Small-scale geothermal power plants are best suited to support socio-economic developmental activity in such regions. The rural areas in most of the developing countries are still using traditional energy sources like wood and cow dung that make the rural population vulnerable to a variety of respiratory diseases. Small-scale geothermal power plants can support electricity demand as well as create employment opportunities for the rural public.

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