L'expérience du bonheur : Une philosophie de la joie by Bruno Giuliani

By Bruno Giuliani

Vers quoi have a tendency l'âme ? A toujours plus de joie, c'est-à-dire plus de puissance, plus d'harmonie, plus d'unité. Elle have a tendency simplement au bonheur de vivre pleinement. Tous les hommes veulent le bonheur ; mais remark l'atteindre ? Et est-ce même attainable ? los angeles plupart des gens et des philosophes proclament que le bonheur overall n'existe pas, qu'il est very unlikely de vivre dans une totale delight, qu'il ne peut exister que des instants fugitifs de joie dans une vie au mieux agréable. Or les sages de l'humanité, Epicure, Bouddha, Spinoza, Ramana Maharshi par exemple, nous disent le contraire : los angeles félicité est attainable automobile elle est notre état naturel. Bruno Giuliani affirme ici en s'inspirant de ces grands maîtres que le bonheur absolu est attainable et il nous donne les clés pour l'atteindre. Pour cela, il faut cultiver l'ensemble des vertus humaines pour épanouir en nous les cinq sentiments de base du bonheur : los angeles joie qui en est l'essence, l'amour, qui en est l. a. resource, l. a. sérénité, qui en est l. a. situation, l'enthousiasme, qui en est le moteur et enfin l. a. félicité qui en est le sommet. Ce livre est une invitation à progresser sur le chemin de l. a. sagesse en pratiquant l. a. philosophie de los angeles joie. S'appuyant sur l. a. sagesse des grandes traditions philosophiques et spirituelles que l'auteur maîtrise parfaitement, s'appuyant aussi sur son propre vécu d'homme heureux, et sur des dizaines de témoignages issus de sa pratique de training de vie et de l. a. joie, Bruno Giuliani nous offre un livre distinctive able de transformer notre vie. Profondément. Alors, prêt pour l. a. joie ?

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Look, and always try to find the unity. In unity is religion, in disunity religion is lost. And avoid being against. If you are against, you will become rigid, hard, and the harder you become the more dead you will be. I have heard that it once happened that a gang of robbers, by mistake, entered a monastery. They thought this house belonged to some rich man -- the monastery had a look of richness -- so they entered. But the monks gave them such a hard fight they were happy when they succeeded in escaping.

You have all the sources of infinite energy within you, you are related to the cosmic source, but you feel impotent because you are continuously dissipating energy. If thought stops even for a single moment and activity is no more, if you have become like a statue, unmoving within or without, if there is no movement, either of body or of mind, then tremendous energy is released. Where will it go now there is no activity? It cannot go without. You become a pillar of energy, a flame of energy. Everything becomes conscious inside, everything is lighted; your whole being is filled with light.

When Chishti heard that Jilani was coming he felt, "To pay respect to Jilani it will not be good to play my instrument now. Because he is such an orthodox Mohammedan, it will not be a good welcome. " So only for that day, in his whole life, he decided he would not play, he would not sing. He waited from morning and in the afternoon Jilani came. Chishti had hidden his instruments. When Jilani came and they both sat in silence, the instruments started to make music -the whole room was filled. Chishti became very puzzled over what to do.

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