Leif Eriksson by Shannon Knudsen, Mark Oldroyd

By Shannon Knudsen, Mark Oldroyd

To be used IN colleges AND LIBRARIES basically. seems on the lifestyles and accomplishments of explorer Lief Eriksson.

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Leif and the crew sailed on and found more land. Leif steered the ship into a river and followed the river into a lake. The lake was filled with clear water and big fish. The land was grassy too. Here was a place worth exploring! Land of Grapes and Wood Before the men could explore safely, they needed shelter. Leif and his men went to work. They cut thick chunks of grassy earth and stacked them to build houses. Then they wove together branches to make roofs. The finished houses were called booths.

Winter passed, and spring came. It was time to go home. As the men set sail, Leif named the land. He called it Vinland, which means wine land. 41 Leif the Lucky The winds blew the ship and crew straight home to Greenland. When they were almost home, Leif spotted a rocky reef poking out of the water ahead. He thought he could see people on the reef too. Leif sailed to the reef. Sure enough, 15 people shouted and waved. Their ship had hit the reef and sunk. They had been stranded. If Leif’s ship hadn’t come along, they would have died.

The finished houses were called booths. 33 The land seemed good to Leif. The weather was warmer than it was in Greenland. Daytime lasted longer too. Leif decided to spend the winter. He and his crew built better houses with thick walls, strong roofs, and fireplaces. Each day, Leif sent half the crew to explore the land. Sometimes he went with them. Other times, he worked with the rest of the crew. The explorers met no people. 36 But they found beautiful forests and plenty of animals to hunt. One night, one of the men did not come back from exploring.

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