John Newbery: Father of Children's Literature (Publishing by Shirley Granahan

By Shirley Granahan

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Originally written for adults, it was quickly condensed for younger readers, who followed with interest the adventures of a man on a pilgrimage to find his way to salvation. In 1693, John Locke published Some Thoughts Concerning Education. ”2 Although Locke rejected the idea of children reading fairy tales, he thought that fables, which usually have a moral, were suitable reading material. Locke recommended Aesop’s Fables and noted, “If his Aesop has Pictures in it, John Locke it will entertain John Locke may be best known for his him much the political influence.

6 cm) in height, width, or thickness. 2 cm). 6 cm). Easily carried in a pocket, the tiny books cover many subjects, ranging from the Bible to illustrated nursery rhymes. children: Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe and Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels. These books provided exciting stories that awakened children’s imaginations. Beginning in 1740, Thomas Boreman created a set of miniature books for children ironically titled Gigantick Histories. These books used humor to describe buildings and other sites in London.

3 The British government collected special taxes on weekly publications. Newbery understood that he could avoid paying this tax by setting up the newspaper under two different names. Each newspaper was printed every other week, so it did not have to pay the weekly tax. available at the Bible and Crown and to increase the shop’s customer base. On July 9, Newbery headed to London by stagecoach. He also visited many other towns around England. He kept an account of his trip in his journal, jotting down facts about each day’s travel.

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