John C. Frémont. Courageous Pathfinder of the Wild West by William R Sanford

By William R Sanford

Appropriately nicknamed "the Pathfinder," John C. Frémont blazed many trails around the Wild West. Frémont carved paths over the Rocky and Sierra Nevada mountains. He led expeditions via uncharted desert and supplied the 1st valuable maps of California and Oregon. notwithstanding, Frémont did greater than discover. As a soldier, he helped California struggle for its independence and served as one of many state's first senators. Authors William R. Sanford and Carl R. eco-friendly exhibit the impressive lifetime of the Pathfinder.

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On the night of May 8, Klamath warriors attacked the camp. Three of Frémont’s men died in the bloody battle. He avenged their deaths by burning a Klamath fishing village. A courier arrived that same day with secret orders that made Frémont’s mission quite clear. War with Mexico was coming; California must be held for the United States. In January 1847, after six months of fierce attacks and counterattacks, the Mexicans surrendered. On January 16, Commodore Robert Stockton picked Frémont to be governor.

The good times did not last. Frémont’s mines now produced more debts than gold. He was forced to sell the Mariposa estate in 1863. But that was not the only bad news. The army took his land beside the Golden Gate to build a fort. The Frémonts were never paid for the loss. Radical Republicans felt the war was dragging on too long. In 1864, they asked Frémont to run for president against Lincoln. The Pathfinder turned them down. He knew that changing leaders during wartime would harm the country.

Schurz’s report cleared Frémont of blame. ” Lincoln then organized his scattered forces into the Army of the Potomac. Frémont was given a corps command under General John Pope. Image Credit: © 2010 by the University of South Florida In March 1862, Frémont was ordered to lead 25,000 troops on a strenuous march from West Virginia to attack Knoxville, Tennessee. This illustration shows Frémont’s weary, ill-fed soldiers as they marched through the Shenandoah Valley in pursuit of Confederate general, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.

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