John Brown. Putting Actions Above Words by Geoffrey M Horn

By Geoffrey M Horn

John Brown joined the aspect of free-staters within the clash within the Kansas Territory, scuffling with to have Kansas input the Union as an anti-slavery nation. background has proven that his activities and the reactions to them have been one of the so much effective precursors of the outbreak of the Civil struggle in 1861.

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In the past, when Congress had established new territories, it had declared which ones would allow slavery and which ones would not. ) The Kansas-Nebraska Act departed from this practice. Congress did not say in 1854 whether slavery would be permitted or outlawed in the When Congress created two new territories—Kansas and Nebraska—it sparked a bloody conflict between defenders and opponents of slavery. 43 John Brown two new regions. Instead, the law left the decision up to the settlers in each territory.

S. Senate chamber. Sumner needed three years to recover from the injuries. Lawrence, Kansas, which had been a center for anti-slavery activity. , Charles Sumner, a leading anti-slavery senator from Massachusetts, was brutally beaten by a pro-slavery congressman from South Carolina. When word of these events reached Brown’s Station, John Brown demanded revenge. Others urged caution. He would have none of it, saying: “ ” Caution … is nothing but the word of cowardice. Brown would answer violence with violence, blood with blood.

She accompanied it on the train ride northward. In New York City his body was removed from its southern-made box and placed in a more suitable coffin. Church bells tolled as his body passed through New York towns on the way to North Elba. He was buried there on December 8, 1859. Mary outlived her husband by nearly 25 years. In 1864, she traveled to California with four of her children and two grandchildren. Brown’s final hours captured the imagination of illustrators in the She died in Saratoga, 1800s.

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