Jerrold E Marsden Tudor Ratiu Ralph Abraham Manifolds Tensor by Ralph Abraham

By Ralph Abraham

The aim of this ebook is to supply center fabric in nonlinear research for mathematicians, physicists, engineers, and mathematical biologists. the most target is to supply a operating wisdom of manifolds, dynamical structures, tensors, and differential kinds. a few purposes to Hamiltonian mechanics, fluid mechanics, electromagnetism, plasma dynamics and keep an eye on idea are given utilizing either invariant and index notation. the necessities required are good undergraduate classes in linear algebra and complicated calculus.

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M Proof. Let Br1 (x) = { y ∈ E | y − x ≤ r } , Br2 (x) = { y ∈ E | |||y − x||| ≤ r } denote the two closed disks of radius r centered at x ∈ E in the two metrics defined by the norms · and ||| · |||, respectively. Since neighborhoods of an arbitrary point are translates of neighborhoods of the origin, the two topologies are the same iff for every R > 0, there are constants M1 , M2 > 0 such that 2 1 2 BM (0) ⊂ BR (0) ⊂ BM (0). 1 2 The first inclusion says that if |||x||| ≤ M1 , then x ≤ R, that is, if |||x||| ≤ 1, then x ≤ R/M1 .

The space Lp ([a, b]) may be defined for each real number p ≥ 1 in an analogous fashion to L2 [a, b]. Functions f : [a, b] → R satisfying b p |f (x)| dx < ∞ a are considered equivalent if they agree almost everywhere. The space Lp ([a, b]) is then defined to be the vector space of equivalence classes of functions equal almost everywhere. The map b · p : L [a, b] → R p given by [f ] → 1/p p |f (x)| dx a defines a norm, called the Lp –norm, which makes Lp [a, b] into an (infinite-dimensional) Banach space.

6-1. Let M be a topological space and H : M → R continuous. Suppose e ∈ int H(M ). Then show H −1 (e) divides M ; that is, M \H −1 (e) has at least two components. 6-2. Let O(3) be the set of orthogonal 3 × 3 matrices. Show that O(3) is not connected and that it has two components. 6-3. Show that S × T is connected (locally connected, arcwise connected, locally arcwise connected) iff both S and T are. 9(ii). 6-4. Show that S is locally connected iff every component of an open set is open. 6-5. Show that the quotient space of a connected (locally connected, arcwise connected) space is also connected (locally connected, arcwise connected).

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