Jane Goodall: leading animal behaviorist by Liza N. Burby

By Liza N. Burby

An easy presentation of the lifetime of the zoologist who introduced chimpanzee habit to the eye of the area.

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Page 20 Jane dedicated her life to saving chimpanzees. Page 21 Saving the Chimps Jane learned more about chimpanzees than anyone else ever had. She believed in herself and did not let anything get in her way. She used this courage (KER-ej) in helping chimps. She learned that the number of chimps was getting smaller. The rain forests (RAYN FOR-ests) in which the chimps live are being destroyed by humans. Jane knew that it was important to save the chimps. She set up three parks where chimps can live safely.

Page 10 Talking to Animals Jane decided to stay in Africa. There she met Louis Leakey, a famous scientist (SY-en-tist) who was interested in animals and the first human beings (HYOO-man BEE-ingz). Jane worked with him. Her job included digging for fossils (FOS-sils) and caring for orphaned (OR-fand) wild animals. After a while, Jane knew what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to live where the wild animals lived and learn all about them. She wanted to talk to the animals, just like Doctor Doolittle.

Scientist (SY-en-tist) A person who studies the way things are and act in the universe.

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