Islam: A Guide for Jews and Christians by F. E. Peters

By F. E. Peters

The Quran is a sacred e-book with profound, and universal, outdated and New testomony resonances. And the message it promulgated, Islam, got here of age in the course of a very wealthy period of interplay between monotheists. Jews, Christians, and Muslims not just worshipped an identical God, yet shared aspirations, operated within the related social and monetary atmosphere, and infrequently lived part via facet, indistinguishable through language, gown, or manners. this present day, after all, little of this commonality is clear, and Islam is poorly understood through such a lot non-Muslims. getting into Islam during the similar biblical door Muhammad did, this publication introduces readers with Christian or Jewish backgrounds to at least one of the world's biggest, so much lively, and--in the West--least understood religions.

Frank Peters, one of many world's top gurus at the monotheistic religions, starts off with the significant characteristic of Muslim religion and lifestyles: the Quran. throughout its pages movement Adam, Noah, Abraham, David, Solomon, John the Baptist, Jesus, and the Virgin Mary. The Quran comprises remarkably established money owed of Genesis, the Flood, Exodus, the Virgin delivery, and different biblical occasions. yet Peters additionally highlights Muhammad's very diversified use of Scripture and explains these parts of the Quran such a lot alien to Western readers, from its didactic passages to its notable poetry.

Peters is going directly to cogently clarify Islam's defining features--including the importance of Mecca, the style of Muhammad's revelations, and the construction of the original neighborhood of Muslims, all relating to the Judeo-Christian culture. He compares Jesus and Muhammad, describes Islamic commandments and rituals, info the buildings of Sunni and Shi'ite groups, and lays out critical Islamic ideals on warfare, girls, mysticism, and martyrdom.

The result's an important and intensely entire booklet that gives Western readers a certified but hugely obtainable realizing of Islam, and at a time once we want it most.

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If we are to attempt to understand this founding document of Islam unaided by faith, we must try to grasp in some fashion the two fields of religious sensibility within which the Quran’s original audience operated. This is no easy task. ” He was grievously mistaken. We know a great deal more about first-century Galilee and Judaea than we do about Mecca and its inhabitants in the seventh century. We know who Jesus was talking to; we even know about some other messiahs of that time and place. We have good information on the Herods and even better information on the Romans because we have the contemporary Josephus, not the noblest of souls perhaps, but a decent historian and a very detailed one.

The account of Jesus’ birth (Quran 19:22–35) bears little resemblance to that described in the canonical Gospels. Mary retires to a far-off place. When she feels her first labor pains she lies down by a palm tree and cries out in despair. God consoles her and miraculously provides water to drink and dates to eat. Mary is instructed to speak to no one. ” Jesus’ life and teachings are not described in any detail in the Quran, although he too was instructed to pray and give alms to the poor (19:31).

There does not appear to have been such connected with Mecca, however. The close confines of the town may have been too dangerous for the hostilely jostling nomads since all the fair sites associated with the hajj were deserted places where the Bedouin could camp at a safe distance from one another. It is somewhere in this complex of not always coherent evidence that we must locate the prosperity of the Quraysh, as verse 4 of sura 106 invites us to think, and possibly their later opposition to Muhammad’s preaching.

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