IOM Communications by Horst Cerjak

By Horst Cerjak

This quantity includes papers provided on the 5th overseas Seminar at the 'Numerical research of Weldability' which used to be held in September 1999 at its traditional position in Schloss Seggau close to Graz, Austria. This biennial assembly was once organised via the Institute of fabrics technology and Welding expertise of the Technical collage of Graz and the operating team 'Mathematical Modelling of Weld Phenomena' of fee IX of the foreign Institute of Welding (IIW). the educational goal of those conferences is to post authorative, well-written, refereed, and edited articles that are written in enough intensity to permit the prepared replica of the paintings and to function educating fabric.

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NAKATA,Y. MIYANAGA,T. KAYANOand K. TSUKAMOTO:'Effect of electromagnetic stirring on weld solidification structure of alminum alloys (Report II)', Trans. JWRI, 1978,7, 181-193. MEASUREMENT AND PREDICTION OF GTA WELD PENETRATION IN GAMMA TITANIUM ALUMINIDE M. ARENAS, V. L. ACOFF and N. EL-KADDAH Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0202, USA ABSTRACT Control of the weld penetration, weld pool shape and temperature field in arc welding is critical to achieve the desired microstructure and mechanical properties in the resultant welds.

Under the above assumptions, the equations to be solved are as follows: conserva tion of mass \l . (pU) Navier-Stokes (14) == 0 equation p(U· \l)U == -\lp - [\7. r] + pzg((l - (3(T - Tt)) + JXB (15) where r is viscous shear stress tensor, p is pressure and (3 is thermal expansion coefficient. The boundary conditions for this problem, which account for surface tension driven flow, are zero velocity at solid surfaces, zero shear stress at the symmetry axis and the balance between the rate of momentum transfer and surface tension forces at the free surfaces, which may be expressed as at Z == 0 (16) where I is the surface tension of the molten metal.

MIZUNO, H. DEGUCHI and A. OKUBO, 'Gaseous composition in welded metals of austenic stainless steel', J. Jpn. Weld. , 1960, 29 (7) 545-551. T. FUWAet a1: Hitetsu Kinrok« Seiren, Jpn. Inst. Metals, 1980, 315. H. FUJII, H. NAKAEand K. OKADA'Interfacial reaction wetting in the boron nitridejmoten aluminum system', Acta Metall. , 1993, 41 (10), 2963-2971. Y. AOKI, H. FUJII, K. NOGI, 'Effect of atomic exposure on bubbles formation in Al alloy', submitted to Scr. Mater. M. 30. J. H. DEVELETIAN:'Factors affecting porosity in aluminum welds - A review', Weld.

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