Introducing Postmodernism by Richard Appignanesi

By Richard Appignanesi

Here's the hot extended version of the overseas bestseller Introducing Postmodernism. Has the twenty first century resolved the query of 'postmodernism' or are we greater than ever ensnared in its perplexities? Postmodernism looked as if it would promise an finish to the awful chilly warfare period of nuclear war of words and oppressive ideologies. Fukuyama's notoriously proclaimed 'end of history', the triumph of liberal democracy over Communist tyranny, has proved an phantasm. We aroused from sleep within the apprehensive grip of globalization, unpredictable terrorism and unexpected war.This ebook strains the pedigrees of postmodernism in artwork, thought, technology and historical past, supplying an pressing consultant to the current.

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I. in urine ... Not really. Conceptualism's use of eccentric materials - Beuys' sculpture in fat, Richard Long's earthworks, or car wrecks or dead ·sheep-had been foreseen byKlirt Schwitters' M rz rubbish sculptures. So, where-·are we? 44 We're keeping pace with modernity••• From the early 1900s to the 1970s, art underwent rapid modernizing changes without precedent in Western history. There have been three fundamental stages in modernism's progress. from( 1) crisis in the representation of reality --------------------------------- Cezanne Cubism Dadaism Surrealism to (2) the presentation of the unpresentable (abstraction)----------------------------------------------------------------- Suprematism.

Yves Klein (1928-62), a leading European neo-Dadaist, directed two naked women smeared with blue paint to roll about a canvas on the floor while a single-note "symphony" played in the background. Inltlilitions Josef Beuys (1921-86) combined a shamanistic aura (the artist as magician) with the fabrication of installations or environmental pieces. 38 Th. Supr••• Milt. of Po Me Art? Banal replications of Campbell's soup cans vie with imagesof deepdownmorbidity - Marilyn Monroe afterher suicide, Mrs Kennedy after JFK's assassination, mug shotsof hoodlums, car accidents, the electric chair, gangster funerals andraceriots.

A nd legitimate their claims to represent "modemity" 'by attempting to invent it through formalism and subversion. Late (or post-) modernists are teft with the legacy of formalist subversion - and a realization that the problems of representation, reproduction and legitimation are far more complex than were ever imagined by their predecessors. 53 The SillUllcrull It seems that the genealogy of postmodem art can only be disconnected fromthemodern in theory. border between art and reality has utterly vanished as both have collapsed into the universal simulacrum.

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