Information Adaptation: The Interplay Between Shannon by Hermann Haken

By Hermann Haken

This monograph demonstrates the interaction among Shannon details and semantic info in cognition. It indicates that Shannon’s details acts as motive force for the formation of semantic details; and vice versa, particularly, that semantic info participates within the formation of Shannonian info. The authors express that during cognition, Shannonian and semantic details are interrelated as facets of a cognitive approach termed as information adaptation. within the latter the mind/brain adapts to the surroundings by means of the deflating and/or inflating of the knowledge conveyed by way of the surroundings. within the means of info version, quantitative adaptations in Shannon’s details entail diverse meanings whereas varied meanings have an effect on the volume of data. The e-book illustrates the above conceptually and mathematically via connection with 3 cognitive strategies: trend popularity, face studying and the popularity of a relocating object.

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Drawings by Heinz von Foerster How is the above distinction between trivial versus non-trivial machines referring to complex versus simple systems and then to information? e. any chance events (“stochastics”) are excluded. In contrast, as we know from synergetics, in all complex and self-organizing systems, stochastic influences are crucial for triggering a process of self-organization. (2) Von Foerster explicitly excludes memory beyond a “holding” time Δt of states z. , limit cycles so that a specific state Z0 reappears again and again.

Nonadaptability is thus a property of closed, simple and mechanistic systems. © The Author(s) 2015 H. Haken and J. 2 Complexity and Information The link between the theories of complexity and information follows directly from the very definition of Shannon’s information as entropy. Shannon has used the notion entropy in the sense given to it in thermodynamics. In the latter entropy is a property of closed systems that tend to evolve from order to maximum entropy (disorder); as such Shannon information refers to nonadaptive communication systems.

E. giving room to more interpretations, or, mathematically in terms of the synergetic computer model (Chaps. 5 and 7) it means opening access to the relevant attractor, that is, order parameter (Fig. 2). Clearly, while reading the “puzzle” of Fig. 4 we are simultaneously learning how to adapt the numbers. 2 A Model of Hybrid Images Following our information adaptation model (Chap. 7 below), we have been able to cast our qualitative discussion of the Einstein/Monroe hybrid image into a detailed mathematical model that takes the band-pass filters into account (Haken and Portugali, submitted).

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