High-Temperature-Superconductor Thin Films at Microwave by Matthias Hein

By Matthias Hein

The booklet develops a accomplished realizing of the skin impedance of the oxide high-temperature superconductors compared to the normal superconductor Nb3Sn. Linear and nonlinear microwave responses are handled individually, either when it comes to types, theories or numerical techniques and by way of experimental effects. The theoretical therapy connects basic elements of superconductivity to the categorical high-frequency houses. The experimental facts evaluate the cutting-edge, as said by way of many foreign teams. The e-book describes additional the most beneficial properties of acceptable training, dealing with, mounting, and refrigeration innovations, and eventually discusses attainable functions in passive and energetic microwave devices.

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This appears to support the d-wave symmetry of the order parameter, although alternative explanations based on magnetic scattering are available [109, 110]. In order to develop a consistent and comprehensive understanding of the nature of the superconductivity in HTS materials, the analysis of the surface impedance plays an important role. The strong electronic correlation of the quasi-particles, the high sensitivity to defects and the important role of oxygen vacancies lead to significant, and strongly temperature dependent scattering.

With the oxygen deficiency exceeding its critical value, the zero-DOS region vanishes. The low-temperature scaling of the surface impedance is then described by power-law behavior, turning from linear to quadratic with further decreasing oxygen content. 13 displays representative results for the temperature dependence of [85]. The two-band model bears further implications for the interpretation of the surface impedance. The CuO chain fragments are considered not the only source of magnetic scatterers.

The discovery of the high-temperature superconductors further initiated the development of a great variety of systems, which were already thoroughly reviewed [1-5J. Instead of trying to review the appreciable amount of information, the following treatment focuses on the specific advantages of resonant measurement systems. , for tim_ damental investigations. The application of superconducting resonators to microwave devices is treated in Chap. 6. Nonresonant superconducting waveguides or planar transmission lines display, by definition, a large bandwidth over which the characteristic impedance and the propagation constant are frequency independent.

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