Hernando Cortes: And the Fall of the Aztecs by Rachel A. Koestler-Grack

By Rachel A. Koestler-Grack

In 1519, with a small band of some hundred infantrymen, Cortes invaded the strong Aztec empire. even if the Aztecs vastly outnumbered them, Cortes's males have been capable of overcome the natives and trap their emperor. the coming of Cortes in 1519 contributed to shaping Mexico at the present time.

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He had accepted the culture, taken a native bride, and had three pretty children. “I am asking you to take me with you,” Aguilar pleaded. Cortés was thrilled and took Aguilar’s hands in his own. Aguilar was fluent in several Maya dialects. He would be a useful interpreter in the weeks ahead. “You are much needed on this expedition,” Cortés THE CONQUEST BEGINS told him. ” 4 Before leaving Cozumel, Cortés had one more task. In the name of Christianity, he threw down every religious idol of the native village.

His great fortune would have to wait. A RECKLESS YOUTH When he recovered, Hernándo decided to go to Italy. But he only got as far as Valencia, Spain. He stayed in Valencia for a year, barely earning enough money to survive. What he did earn, he spent on wild behavior. Finally, he had wandered enough. He returned to Medellín, again determined to sail for the West Indies. His parents were just happy to see him make a serious decision. They offered to pay for his trip and sent him off with their blessing.

As soon as the repairs were made, the five ships again set sail together. But Quintero failed to learn his lesson. A favorable wind came up, and he sailed ahead, hoping to outrun the other ships. Again, trouble loomed over him like a curse. His pilot misread their location, and the ship became lost. The sailors were terrified. They had run out of water and were gathering rain to drink. Food was running low, and still no land was in sight. “We’re doomed,” they cried. At sunset on Good Friday, a dove flew to the ship and landed on the yardarm.

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