Hazard Assessment of Chemicals. Current Developments by Jitendra Saxena (Eds.)

By Jitendra Saxena (Eds.)

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Waste Management for the Food Industries (Food Science and Technology) (Food Science and Technology)

The always expanding human inhabitants, has ended in a tremendous call for for processed and packaged meals. due to this call for, quite a lot of water, air, electrical energy and gas are ate up every day for nutrition processing, transportation and renovation reasons. even though none of the such a lot seriously polluting, the nutrition does give a contribution to the rise in quantity of waste produced in addition to to the power expended to take action.

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Lo" DIAZINON ETHOPROPHOS DIELDRIN -I 1 METHYL PARA. MONURON PROMETRYNE SIMAZINE l·- NAPROPAMIDE PARATHION TRIALLATE TRIFLURALIN < _J 10" < -I io- > IO" 3 o l0 " Γ PHORATE 10 10 20 10 20 TIME (DAYS) Fig. 6. 75 mm. Models for Assessing Pesticides and Trace Organics in Soil iu ATRAZINE 2,4-D BROMACIL CARBOFURAN VARY T | / 2 z> ETHOPROPHOS ,KJ METHYL PARA. Ώ 29 NAPROPAMIDE PARATHION l0 -»- < PROMETRYNE I SIMAZINE § 10-; PHORATE TRIALLATE 20 10 20 TRIFLURALIN 20 TIME (DAYS) Fig. 7. 75 mm. Thus, the degree of confidence one could have in even qualitative estimates using this model is dependent on the accuracy of the benchmark properties.

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