Handbook of energy harvesting power supplies and by Mateu, Loreto; Pollak, Markus; Spies, Peter

By Mateu, Loreto; Pollak, Markus; Spies, Peter

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5 Power Management Unit State-of-the-art TEGs produce, for instance, 50 mV open-circuit voltage per Kelvin thermal gradient. Typical piezoelectric modules can generate several volts depending on material and displacement. 8 and 5 V. Moreover, they need a very constant and well-regulated supply voltage to maximize their performance. Especially, peaks or oscillations generated from kinetic energy transducers will degrade their operation in terms of noise figure, accuracy, or resolution because of parasitic paths between the supply rails and the signal rails.

Thus, if the acceleration is constant, the transducer should be designed to resonate at the lowest fundamental frequency. Since the generated power is proportional to the mass in any case, the converter should be as large as possible. 3 also show that the power generated by a vibrating system is maximized when the electrical damping ratio is equal to the mechanical damping ratio. This model also shows that a highly damped system extracts energy over a wide bandwidth of frequencies. A less damped system would extract more power but in a smaller frequency range.

A harmonic motion is the simplest form of periodic motion. Here the motion can be described by oscillatory functions such as the sine and the cosine function. 1) where | A| is the amplitude of the motion in units of length, ω the circular frequency in radians per second and φ is an arbitrary phase angle in radians. To characterize the mechanical energy of a vibrating source, its frequency range is important. In some cases, there are broadband vibrations such as in systems with rotating or oscillating parts that typically show one dominant frequency and higher order frequencies.

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