Hadith: Muhammad's Legacy in the Medieval and Modern World by Jonathan A. C. Brown

By Jonathan A. C. Brown

Contrary to well known opinion, the majority of Islamic legislation doesn't come from the Qur’an yet particularly from hadith, first-hand studies of the prophet Muhammad’s phrases and deeds, handed from iteration to iteration. despite the fact that, with various debts frequently purely devoted to paper a century after the loss of life of Muhammad, Islamic students, previous and current, were confronted with advanced questions of old authenticity.

Informative and available, this wide-ranging advent offers an in depth exploration of the gathering and feedback of hadith and examines the talk surrounding its function in glossy Islam. whole with a word list, huge bibliography, and valuable diagrams, Hadith is ideally suited to scholars, students, and the final reader drawn to this serious component of Islam.

Jonathan A.C. Brown is Assistant Professor of Arabic and Islamic stories, collage of Washington, Seattle. he's the writer of Muhammad: a really brief Introduction.

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These sahifas could not thus simply be picked up and read. One bad 10 hear the book read by its transmitter in order to avoid grave misunderstandings ofthe Prophet's words. Ifhadith transmitters bad reason to believe that a certain narrator had transmitted hadiths without hearing them read by a teacher, in fact, they considered this a serious flaw in the authenticity ofthat material. Abü al-Zubayr al-Makki bad heard only pan ofthe Companion Jäbir b. 'Abdalläh's sahifa read aloud by Jäbir, and tbis undermined his relishi lity in transmission for some Muslim hadith critics.

AI-Bukhäri narrated from ooly about 430 that Muslim did not, while Muslim used about 620 transmitters al-Bukhäri excluded. AI-Bukbän"'s and Muslim'5 worb bad a great deal of influence on their students and contemporaries. Ibn Khuzayma (d. 311/923), a 7 The IrCJllsnJission allel co/lecl;on 0/ Prophetie Traditions 33 central tigure in the ShäfilT school who studied with al-Bukhäri and ~1uslim. compiled a sahfh work that came to be known as Sahfh Ibn Khuzayma. Abu Hals lUmar al-Bujayn of Samarqand (d.

In fact, books on the virtues of Companions and sunna oRen contained reports that later Sunni scholars and sometimes the authors themselves found baseless or reprehensible. Tbe Kitäb al-sunna of Ibn Abi 'Äsim. that of Ibn Hanbal's son 'Abdalläh and the Küöb al-tawhid (Book of God·s Unity) of Ibn Khuzayma all included a hadith describing how when God sits on His throne it squeaks like a saddle mounted by its rider. '32 In his Fadä 'U al-sahäba, Ibn Hanbal includes areport stating thal 'Airs name is written on the doorway to Paradise.

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