Gil Elvgren pin-ups — 2012 calendar

Календарь на 2012 год в стиле Пин-Ап.

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E. to the author, but he also has a reference to the work (ME ed. 4:450, scholion, lines 3, 6, trans. 2:482): P–_{S—ov, lit. ‘writing, text’,62 which is however to be regarded as an abbreviation of Q{S¨`Z P–_{S—ov ‘chronicle’, which term in Michael’s epoch replaced Jacob’s own Q{S¨` –_S—ov. Only once in Michael’s Chronicle (ME ed. 4:377,35, trans. 2:377) a periphrastic expression appears: ¦\^PZ R_Ž„j ¦‘v [Z Q¥kª{“Z Q{kª{v tƒZ QS¨—n ‘books on the reckoning of years of holy Mar Jacob of Edessa’, which does not come from Michael’s pen but from that of an editor of his work.

Chronica minora 3 (CSCO 5–6, Syr. 5–6; Paris 1905–1907), ed. 261–330, trans. 197–258; corrigenda in ed. 305–306. -B. Chabot, Chronique de Michel le Syrien, patriarche jacobite d’Antioche (1166–1199) (Paris 1899–1924), quoted by volume number, pages, columns: a – central, b – innermost, c – outermost, and lines. 1 Thus, among many others, I. ; Rome 1965), 177; but see now A. ’, in A. Rapoport-Albert and G. ), Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Texts: Essays in Memory of Michael P. S 333; London 2001), 457–467.

Brooks, ‘Errata in “The Chronological Canon of James of Edessa” (ZDMG. 53, pp. )’, ZDMG 53 (1899), 550; idem, ‘The Chronological Canon of James of Edessa (ZDMG. )’, ZDMG 54 (1900), 100–102. 8 Here referred to as JacEd, see the first footnote above. 9 W. Wright, A Short History of Syriac Literature (Amsterdam 1966; repr. of London 1894), 147–149. 10 R. ; Anciennes litt´ eratures chr´ etiennes 2; Paris 1907), 190. 11 A. Baumstark, Geschichte der syrischen Literatur mit Ausschluß der christlichpal¨ astinensischen Texte (Bonn 1922), 254.

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