Gaseous Dielectrics V. Proceedings of the Fifth by Loucas G. Christophorou, Don W. Bouldin

By Loucas G. Christophorou, Don W. Bouldin

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At low E/N, calculated values could not coincide with Hunter's values. This discrepancy is due to the cross section values. But at high E/N, we believe that the calculated values are correct. Same values in N 0 are given in Hayashi (1987 77/N 2 (cm ) 2 6 r. 2 icr E/N (Td) SUMMARY This paper has briefly discussed the values of electron collision cross sections in C F ^ and N 0 for numerous applications. The present cross section values are not final. When exact cross section values or good swarm data are available in the future, we will refine these cross section values.

E Webb (1977). , 10, pp. 299-311. H. (1979). Technical Report • AFAPL-TR No 79-2038, Northrop Res. Tech. , USA. S. (1975). Proc. XII Int. Conf. , M. P. Boeuf, E. J. G. Evans (1983). E. and Luessen, L. (Eds): Electrical breakdown and discharges in gases, part A, Plenum, pp. 331-394. Tran Ngoc An, E. C. Johnson (1977). , 10, pp. 2317-2328. N o n - E q u i l i b r i u m D e s c r i p t i o n of E l e c t r o n s in a G a s Influenced by Space-time Varying Electric Fields E . E . K u n h a r d t , J.

Using these cross sections, some examples of calculated swarm parameters in pure gases and mixtures are shown in Figs. 3 to 8. (cm/s) Fig. 4. Electron drift velocity in C2F5 and Ar mixtures. The calculated values are good agreement with Hunter's experimental data (1985). Same calculations are carried out in C F ^ and CH^ mixtures. Calculated values also coincide with Hunter's data. —i m W 2 30 10 i 1 C F CH 2 6 4 i 1 ^ o^° • ^ 10% 90% 9 - DT//I (V) - /° /o / ° 10 _ - / o o ' o o, 10' 1 id" 1 10 •1 I E/N 1 io (Td) 1 .

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