Freedom of Speech and Islam by Erich Kolig

By Erich Kolig

Freedom of speech and expression is taken into account within the West a excessive public sturdy and a huge social worth, underpinned via legislative and moral norms. Its significance isn't shared to an analogous volume by way of conservative and religious Muslims, who learn Islamic doctrines in methods possible incompatible with Western notions of freedom of speech. because the Salman Rushdie affair within the Eighties there was becoming attractiveness within the West that its loved worth of unfastened speech and linked freedoms in terms of arts, the click and media, literature, academia, serious satire and so forth. episodically conflict with conservative Islamic values that restrict this freedom for the sake of conserving non secular matters sacrosanct. fresh controversies - corresponding to the Danish cartoons, the Charlie Hebdo affair, Quran burnings, and the net movie ‘The Innocence of Muslims’ that have stirred violent reactions within the Muslim international - have made the West conscious of the truth that Muslims’ spiritual sensitivities must be taken under consideration in exercise conventional Western freedoms of speech. that includes specialists throughout a spectrum of fields inside of Islamic reports, Freedom of Speech and Islam considers Islamic recommendations of blasphemy, apostasy and heresy and their applicability within the smooth international.

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160. 10 11 Why Is Freedom of Speech a Problem for So Many Muslims? 13 In one of the best-known instances, the Caliph al-Ma’mun, four months before his death in 833 CE, introduced an ‘inquisition’ (mihna, literally testing or trial) in order to impose through the courts the view of the Mu‘tazili theological school that the Quran was created in time. 14 A few opponents of the official doctrine were executed, but the most famous defender of what became Sunni orthodoxy was Ahmad ibn Hanbal (d. 855), eponym of the Hanbali school of law, who was imprisoned and flogged.

Pp. 221–7. my (accessed May 2013). 35 36 Why Is Freedom of Speech a Problem for So Many Muslims? 35 religion. Officially, they cannot change their religion without the approval of a Syariah (sharia) Court, but an application is likely to render an apostate liable for these penalties or for detention in a rehabilitation centre where he or she will be encouraged to return to Islam. 39 Their efforts, however, underscore rather than resolve the inherent tension as they patently employ Western-derived ideals to reinterpret the Islamic sources.

1149), author of a remarkable work on devotion to the Prophet, explained: Know that all who curse Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, or blame him or attribute imperfection to him in his person, his lineage, his deen [religion] or any of his qualities, or alludes [sic] to that or its like by any means whatever, whether in the form of a curse or contempt or belittling him or detracting from him or finding fault with him or maligning him, the judgment regarding such a person is the same as the judgment against anyone who curses him.

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