Franklin D. Roosevelt: 32nd U.S. President (Essential Lives) by Sue Vander Hook

By Sue Vander Hook

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For several weeks, 39-year-old Franklin Roosevelt lay paralyzed from the waist down. • 47 • Essential Lives Polio Finally, a specialist from Boston correctly diagnosed Polio Roosevelt. He The highly contagious polio virus randomly had contracted struck and suddenly crippled thousands of a virus called victims each year. Most were young children. In 1926, Roosevelt founded the Warm Springs poliomyelitis— Foundation, which raised millions of dollars commonly known for polio treatment and research.

He made up his mind that he would learn to walk, even if it meant having his son—or someone else— assist him on either side. • 49 • Essential Lives With the help of Louis Howe, Roosevelt put his political career back Newfound Courage in motion. Howe had successfully Eleanor Roosevelt would one day call her huskept it alive by taking care of band’s polio “a blessing in disguise, for it gave him Roosevelt’s political and business a strength and courage he affairs. ” to participate in Democratic Party events so she could tell her husband what was going on.

In a few years, so would Franklin’s political career. • 32 • Franklin D. Roosevelt Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt in Hyde Park in 1905, the year they were married • 33 • Chapter 4 James Cox and Franklin D. Roosevelt in Dayton, Ohio Doorway to Politics W hen the newlyweds returned to New York City in the fall of 1905, they settled into a house on fashionable East Thirtysixth Street. It was just three blocks from Sara’s home. Franklin’s mother took charge of her son’s • 34 • Franklin D.

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