Flashback Mechanisms in Lean Premixed Gas Turbine Combustion by Ali Cemal Benim, Khawar Jamil Syed

By Ali Cemal Benim, Khawar Jamil Syed

Mixing fuels with hydrogen bargains the aptitude to lessen NOx and CO2 emissions in fuel generators, yet doing so introduces power new difficulties akin to flashback. Flashback may end up in thermal overload and destruction of within the turbine engine, with possibly pricey effects. The little examine on flashback that's on hand is fragmented. Flashback Mechanisms in Lean Premixed gasoline Turbine Combustion by means of Ali Cemal Benim will tackle not just the final factor of the flashback phenomenon, but additionally the problem of fragmented and incomplete research.

  • Presents a coherent overview of flame flashback (a vintage challenge in premixed combustion) and its reference to the transforming into development of recognition of more-efficient hydrogen-blend fuels
  • Begins with a quick assessment of commercial gasoline turbine combustion technology
  • Covers present environmental and monetary motivations for exchanging normal fuel with hydrogen-blend fuels

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On the other hand, there are also differences in the experimentally obtained ignition delay times, depending on the apparatus used (constant-volume bomb, shock tube, rapid compression machine, flow reactors with different designs). Data obtained on flow reactors can be expected to represent the gas turbine premixer conditions at best. Still, it is obvious that one should, in any case, work with sufficiently large safety margins, due to the many uncertainties, especially for hydrogen and hydrogen blend fuels.

Li and Williams (2002) developed expressions for methane ignition delay time, based on a detailed chemical kinetics analysis. They developed 36 Flashback Mechanisms in Lean Premixed Gas Turbine Combustion two different expressions for high- and low-temperature ranges, while the dependence on methane concentration was removed by assuming the nondimensional ignition time to be constant within the framework of a FrankKamenetskii approximation. 5) The above expression was observed to provide a very good ­agreement with the data of Spadaccini and Colket (1994).

A) Effect of CO addition. 0. , 2006). Flashback by Autoignition 31 increases only mildly with increasing equivalence ratio as observed in the experiments and qualitatively predicted by all mechanisms. Quantitative discrepancies between the experiments and the predictions, and between the reaction mechanisms, themselves, can, again, be observed. , by reducing the rate constant of this reaction by a factor of 4. Beerer and McDonnel (2008) performed experimental and computational investigations on autoignition in hydrogen/air mixtures in a flow reactor at temperatures relevant to gas turbine combustion.

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