Explore with Sieur de La Salle by Cynthia O'Brien

By Cynthia O'Brien

This attractive booklet follows the travels of French nobleman Sieur de los angeles Salle who multiplied the fur exchange in North Americathen known as New Franceand explored the Mississippi River right down to the Gulf of Mexico. ancient info and high-interest truth packing containers are awarded in a tabloid-news sort that courses readers via significant voyages, explorations, and discoveries. issues comprise l. a. Salles quest for a brand new alternate path to China, existence in New France, interactions with the Seneca, the fur alternate, crusing down the Mississippi, and l. a. Salle's legacy.

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1685 La Salle misses the Mississippi and lands in Matagorda Bay. The ship carrying most of the colony’s supplies runs aground. Another returns to France with 120 settlers. 1686 La Salle sets out again to find the Mississippi. His one remaining ship, La Belle, runs aground. 1687 March 19: With only 20 colonists still surviving at Fort St. Louis, La Salle sets out to Canada for supplies. In East Texas, he is ambushed and killed by two of his own men. explore with sieur de la Salle 31 INdex A Acadia 28 B Barre, Joseph-Antoine La Fèbvre de la 11 beaver 22, 24 buffalo 23 C G N Great Lakes 7, 11, 12, 24 Native peoples 18–19, 20–21 Griffon 7, 12, 19, 26 nature 22–23 Gulf of Mexico 7, 8, 13, 21, 25, 28 navigation 14–15 gunpowder 15, 19 H, I Hennepin, Louis 11 Illinois (people) 20 New France 5, 6–7, 8, 10, 16, 19, 24 New Spain 5, 28 Niagara Falls 11 Cajuns 28 Iroquoian language 6 Catholic Church 4 Iroquois (people) 18, 19, 29 O, P, Q J, K pirates 25 Chickasaw (people) 11 China 4, 6, 14 Choctaw (people) 11, 21 Joutel, Henri 28 coureurs de bois 24 Karankawa (people) 17, 21, 27, 28 D L de Galinée, Abbé René de Bréhan de 15 La Belle 13, 17 Duhaut, Pierre 27 Le Joly 13 F Fort Crèvecoeur 7, 9, 16, 17, 29 Fort Frontenac 9, 16, 17, 18 Fort St.

Lawrence grew. By 1700, there were 9,000 French settlers in Canada; by 1754, the total was 55,000. + Fort Crèvecoeur falls to Iroquois The end of Fort Crèvecoeur came in September 1680. Iroquois warriors attacked the fort and forced Henri de Tonti to flee. In 1682, creditors took Fort Frontenac when La Salle did not pay them. They did not defend it and the Iroquois attacked. In 1695, after La Salle’s death, Governor Frontenac rebuilt the fort. However, the British captured it in 1758 and eventually destroyed it.

LaSalle, Ontario, lies south of Windsor on the Detroit River. The French settled there in the 1700s. explore with sieur de la Salle 29 Glossary ally A person or country who cooperates with another for a particular purpose barque A sailing ship with three masts bastions Towers that project from a fort so that its defenders can fire along the walls cartographer A person who makes maps colony A settlement or territory that is under the political control of a different country compass A device used for navigation with a needle that always points to the north confederacy A league or alliance, especially between groups of peoples creditors People to whom someone owes money delta A fan-shaped area of streams and islands frigate A lightly armed warship governor A representative of the British Crown in a colony hides Animal skins that have been treated to preserve them Jesuit seminary A Catholic school for training priests November 21 La Salle is born to a wealthy family in Rouen, France.

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