Explore with Leif Eriksson by Natalie Hyde

By Natalie Hyde

This fascinating e-book follows the travels of Viking explorer Leif Eriksson from Iceland to Greenland and directly to North the US. historic details and high-interest truth packing containers are awarded in a tabloid-news type that publications readers via significant voyages, explorations, and discoveries. issues comprise what led Eriksson to sail west, Viking exploration, existence on Viking longships, North American settlements, and Eriksson's legacy.

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Leif grew up to be an adventurer too. Hearing stories of new lands to the west, he sailed across the North Atlantic Ocean and became the first European to reach North America—nearly 500 years before Italian explorer Christopher Columbus.

Easyscienceforkids. s=leif+eriksson&submit. y=0 Facts and quizzes about Leif Eriksson, including a video from the History Channel. php Information on the Vikings including a map and a quiz. org/wgbh/nova/vikings/ PBS site on the Vikings with links to videos, maps, and other resources. BOOKs Bankston, John. Leif Erickson (Junior Biography from Ancient Civilizations). , 2013. Berger, Gilda. The Real Vikings: Craftsmen, Traders, and Fearsome Raiders. National Geographic Children’s Books, 2003. Margeson, Susan.

999 Leif and his family move to Greenland when Erik the Red is exiled from Iceland. Erik later sets up a settlement there. 30 TRAVEL WITH THE GREAT EXPLORERS Leif returns to Greenland to spread the message of Christianity. 1000 Leif sails on to Norway and stays with King Olaf I. Leif discovers Helluland, Markland, and Vinland. 1003 Leif leads an expedition to find the lands described by Bjarni Herjolfsson. uk/schools/ primaryhistory/vikings/ The BBC’s guide to the Vikings for kids, with games, videos, and fun facts.

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