Energy-efficient electric motors by Ali Emadi, John C. Andreas

By Ali Emadi, John C. Andreas

This distinctive reference offers directions for the choice and usage of electrical automobiles for more advantageous reliability, functionality, energy-efficiency, and life-cycle price. thoroughly revised and increased, the e-book displays the new kingdom of the sphere, in addition to fresh advancements up to the mark electronics, the economics of energy-efficient automobiles and structures, and complicated energy digital drivers. It comprises 5 new chapters overlaying key themes comparable to the basics of energy electronics acceptable to electrical motor drives, adjustable velocity drives and their purposes, complex switched reluctance motor drives, and everlasting magnet and brushless DC motor drives.

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10 Speed-torque curves for a constant-horsepower, one-winding two-speed motor. Copyright © 2005 by Marcel Dekker Induction Motor Characteristics 17 output varies directly with the speed. This motor can be used with friction-type loads such as those found on conveyors to control the conveyor speed. 9 shows typical speed-torque curves. Constant Horsepower. The constant-horsepower multispeed motor has the same horsepower output at all speeds. This type of motor is used for machine tool applications that require higher torques at lower speeds.

3. There has been considerable progress made by the steel companies to obtain lower magnetic losses in both silicon and cold-rolled (low-silicon) grades of electrical steel. The magnetic core loss (Epstein loss) can be reduced by using silicon grades of electrical steel or the improved grades of cold-rolled electrical steel. The type of steel used by the motor manufacturer depends on his process capability. The cold-rolled electrical steel requires a proper anneal after punching to develop its electrical properties, whereas the silicon grades of electrical steel are available as fully processed material.

Courtesy Magnetek, St. 19 Annual savings for a 1-hp energy-efficient pool motor operating 365 days/yr. (Courtesy Magnetek, St. 3 Permanent Split Capacitor Motors The permanent split capacitor motors, a single-phase induction motor, is defined as a capacitor motor with the same value of capacitance used for both starting and running operations. This type of motor is also referred to as a single-value capacitor motor. The application of this type of single-phase motor is normally limited to the direct drive of such loads as those of fans, blowers, or pumps that do not require normal or high starting torques.

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