Emerging Non-Volatile Memories by Seungbum Hong, Orlando Auciello, Dirk Wouters

By Seungbum Hong, Orlando Auciello, Dirk Wouters

This book is an advent to the basics of rising non-volatile thoughts and offers an outline of destiny traits within the box. Readers will locate assurance of 7 vital reminiscence applied sciences, together with Ferroelectric Random entry reminiscence (FeRAM), Ferromagnetic RAM (FMRAM), Multiferroic RAM (MFRAM), Phase-Change thoughts (PCM), Oxide-based Resistive RAM (RRAM), Probe garage, and Polymer stories. Chapters are established to mirror diffusions and clashes among diversified topics. EmergingNon-Volatile thoughts is a terrific publication for graduate scholars, college, and pros operating within the region of non-volatile memory.

This publication also:

Covers key reminiscence applied sciences, together with Ferroelectric Random entry reminiscence (FeRAM), Ferromagnetic RAM (FMRAM), and Multiferroic RAM (MFRAM), between others.

Provides an summary of non-volatile reminiscence fundamentals.

Broadens readers’ realizing of destiny traits in non-volatile memories.

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