Elementary Solid State Physics by M. Ali Omar

By M. Ali Omar

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Estimate the strength of the hydrogen bond in water (in electron volts per bond). 3. Show that two parallel electric dipoles attract each other. 4. Estimate the strength of the van der Waals bond for neon. PROBLEMS Given that the primitive basis vectors of a lattice are a: (al2)(i + j), b: (a/z)(i + k)' and c : (alz)(k + i), where i, j, and k are the usual three unit vectors along cartesian coordinates, what is the Bravais lattice? 2. 37, and l. 09. ) 47The packing ratio is defined as the fraction of the total volume of the cell that is ' filled by atoms.

This results in a drastic decrease of their kinetic energies, and thus an appreciable diminution in the total energy of the system, which is the source of the metallic bonding. 8'C), but is still far from being small or negligible. To account briefly for the other metallic properties listed earlier, we note that the high electical conductiuity is due to the ability of the valence electrons to move readily under the influence of an electric field, resulting in a net electrical current in the field direction.

A typical value for the equilibrium radius Ro is a few angstroms, so the forces under consideration are, in fact, rather short-range. The decay of the potential with distance is so rapid that once this exceeds a value of, say, l0 or l5A, the force may be disregarded altogether, and the atoms may then be treated as free, noninteracting particles. This explains why the free-atom model holds so well in gases, in which the average interatomic distance is large. The interatomic force F(R) may be derived from the potential I/(R).

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