Electrical Power Systems by D. Das

By D. Das

Bargains readers a radical realizing of the basics of strength process research and their functions. This identify explains either the fundamental and complicated themes that's supported via a number of solved examples.

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The energy produced annually by unit 1 is 2 × 10 8 units and that by unit 2 is 15 × 166 units. Find the (a) load factor (b) plant capacity factor (c) plant use factor of both the units. Also (d) determine the load factor of the total plant. 1 INTRODUCTION Power system engineering is that branch of Electrical Engineering which concerns itself with the technology of generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy. The power system growing into a vast and complex system represents one of the most vital systems in every modern nation.

2246 m D = bD D D g D = bd . d . d . d g = bd . 4d . 4d . 5 m D = bd . d . d . d g = bd . 2d . 2d . 47 m D = bd . d . d . d g = b2d . 3d . 3d . 33 m Dsc = r ¢. 265 cm radius conductors. The return circuit is composed of two solid 2 cm radius conductors. Conductor layout is shown in Fig. 29. Find the inductance of the complete line per km. Solution: Fig. 29 Using eqn. 4605 log y m sx m sy IJ mH/km K IJ mH/km K 50 Electrical Power Systems Applying eqn. 54), we get l Dm = Daa¢ . Dab ¢ . 8 m Applying eqn.

Therefore, the inductance per phase can be obtained by finding the average value of eqns. 68). 4605 log FG D IJ mH/km HD K s where Dm = (Dab Dbc Dca)1/3 and Ds = r¢. Generally modern transmission lines are not transposed. However, for the purpose of modeling, it is very much practical to treat the transmission line as transposed. 12 INDUCTANCE OF THREE PHASE DOUBLE CIRCUIT LINES A three phase double circuit line consists of two parallel conductors for each phase. It is common practice to build double-circuit three phase lines for greater reliability and higher transmission capacity.

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