Electrical engineering for non-electrical engineers by S. Bobby Rauf P.E. C.E.M. MBA

By S. Bobby Rauf P.E. C.E.M. MBA

This booklet is designed to function a source for exploring and realizing simple electric engineering techniques, rules, analytical and mathematical concepts that would reduction the reader in progressing their electric engineering wisdom to intermediate or complex degrees. The learn of electric engineering options, ideas and research innovations is made fairly effortless for the reader via inclusion of many of the reference information, in kind of excerpts from various elements of the ebook, in the dialogue of every case research, workout and self-assessment challenge resolution. this is often performed so that it will facilitate speedy research and comprehension of the cloth with no repetitive look for reference information in different elements of the ebook. To this re-creation the writer has brought a brand new bankruptcy on batteries the place the fundamental, but vital, elements of the battery and its sustainable and secure operation is roofed. The reader should be proven the not-so-obvious charging and discharging functionality features of batteries that may be selecting components within the choice, software and optimum functionality of batteries.

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The source voltage is 12V and R = 10Ω. The switch is closed at t = 0. What would be magnitude of current flowing through this circuit at t = τ? Solution: In most series RL cases, the current value at a certain time “t” can be predicted through Eq. 31. ” Since τ = L/R, Eq. 2% of its full potential in “one time constant” or 1τ worth of time. 9, in discharge mode, with voltage source removed. Inductor L = 10mH. 2 A. 8A after the switch is opened. Solution: Apply series RL current equation, Eq. 31.

27, below. Eq. 27 Where, µ = Permeability of the medium, in H/m N = Number of turns of coil (unit-less) A = Cross-sectional area of the core (in m2) l = Mean length through the core (in m) Unit for Inductance: H (henry) The mathematical relationship stated as Eq. 27 stipulates that inductance is directly proportional to the area of cross-section “A” of the core. This equation also states that the inductance is directly proportional to “N2,” the “square” of the number of turns in the coil, and is inversely proportional to the mean length “l” of the core.

Miss-application of test instrumentation can result in catastrophic faults or arc flash incidents. As noted earlier, most clamp-on ammeters used routinely by electrical engineers and electricians are designed to detect and measure AC current. Although uncommon, DC clamp-on ammeters, operating on Hall Effect Principle, are available for “non-invasive” DC current measurement. Self-assessment Problems & Questions—Chapter 1 1. In an AC system, a voltage source V(t) = 120Sin(377t + 0°) volts, RMS, sets up a current of I(t) = 5Sin(377t + 45°) amps, rms.

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