Electric Field-Induced Effects on Neuronal Cell Biology by Dr. Tjitske Heida (auth.)

By Dr. Tjitske Heida (auth.)

The notion of the classy neuron probe was once triggered by means of the potential selective stimulation of nerves for sensible restoration after a neural lesion or illness. The probe comprises a micro-electrode array on most sensible of which teams of neuronal cells are cultured. a good option to place teams of neuronal cells on best of the stimulation websites of the micro-electrode array is constructed. With unfavourable dielectrophoretic forces, produced by way of non-uniform electrical fields on polarizable debris, neuronal cells are trapped. Experimental effects and version simulations describe the trapping technique and its impression on neuronal mobilephone viability.

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However, visualization of (primary) pores by any present form of microscopy seems to be unlikely, because of their small size and short lifetime (Weaver 1993, 2000; Zimmermann and Neil 1996). Fixation or freezing of freely suspended cells that were exposed to electric field pulses, requires milliseconds to seconds, which is rather long. Additionally, it is very likely that the “pores” seen in electron microscopic images of cells electropermeabilized in iso-osmolar solutions are artifacts introduced during the freezing process by the loss of the osmotic barrier.

It has to be kept in mind that both Eq. 11 used for the calculation of Vm, and the finite element model are based on the assumption that the membrane capacitance is 39 Fig. 21 A Cell at the side of the triangular electrode tip with the center of the cell at z=7 mm. B Cell at the electrode tip with the center of the cell at z=8 mm. C Side view of the cell above the electrode. For both situations the cell radius is 6 mm. Three viewing directions are indicated as Ÿ90, 0, and 90. These were used for the presentation of the results in Fig.

Theoretical investigation, as described in Sect. 2, showed that even at high frequencies the maximum field strength induced in the medium was about 90% of the ideal value. Table 4 gives the maximum field intensities per frequency up to 1 MHz as a percentage of the theoretical maximum field strength. According to these estimations the maximum induced membrane potentials Vm,max were calculated. It has to be noted that at the point of collapse the membrane probably had already adopted a high permeability state, and therefore the calculated potential will tend to be somewhat higher than the factual breakdown level.

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