Electric Currents (Longman Physics Topics) by PHILIP E. HEAFFORD' 'JOHN L. LEWIS


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This will therefore be a brief introduction to it: later books in this series will give you the details. Electricity is generated at power stations at many places throughout the country. The necessary energy may come from fuel in the form of coal, gas, or oil, it may come from nuclear energy within the atom (a nuclear power station), or it may come from falling water (a hydroelectric power station). The power station usually produces electricity at 11 000 volts and it is then transmitted around the country at very high voltages.

Why is it unwise to tack long lengths of flex around the walls of a room? What might happen in the picture illustrated below? What other causes of fuses blowing can you think of? What might happen if one of the leads to an appliance is not securely fixed inside the plug? 33 A fused plug and a cartridgefuse. Fused plugs It is now very common practice to use electric plugs which have a fuse fixed inside them. ) The fuse in these is usually a little cartridge fuse: the fine wire inside melts as soon as the current exceeds the stated value.

In a home? In an office? In the street? Venner time switch. 55 I APPENDIX \ Throughout this book we have avoided using mathematics. Our object has been to show how the principles you have studied in the school laboratory are applied in everyday use. In order to work out in detail the size of the resistance wire needed in an electric kettle, it is necessary for the scientist to use mathematics. You will learn more about this as your school course continues, but for the sake of those interested we have included this brief appendix which summarises some of the details.

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