Electric Bass Lines No. 2 by Carol Kaye

By Carol Kaye

Kay is a brilliant participant and an excellent instructor. this can be a useful booklet for electrical Bassists.

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From the mechanical and electrical power systems point of view, ships are grouped as follows: Mechanical-drive (conventional) ship: The prime mover directly drives the propeller via mechanical gears and a long shaft running through the center of the ship, and the electrical service loads are powered by the ship service generators. Most merchant cargo ships today fall in this category. Electrical-drive ship: The propellers are driven by large electric motors powered by dedicated propulsion power generators, and the ship service power is produced by separate ship service generators.

With multiple voltage sources or loads in series, the (+ –) and (+ –) sequence indicates an additive voltage pair, whereas the (+ –) and (– +) sequence indicates a subtractive voltage pair. In a single-voltage source circuit, the + terminal is connected to the load and the – terminal is connected to the ground. 5 AC Power Fundamentals To eliminate such technical contradictions in using the + and – marks, the modern polarity marking is sometimes done with dots • for positive terminals and no mark for the negative terminals.

Unit of volt-ampere reactive (VAR, or kVAR, or MVAR). The power factor cosθ of the load has no units. The complex power S˜, being the product of volts and amperes, has the unit of volt-ampere (VA, or kVA, or MVA). 12. 27) It is noteworthy that the lagging power factor of the load circuit produces a positive Q, and vice versa. Also, in complex power S˜ = S∠θ = Vrms⋅ Irms ∠θ, and the S = Vrms⋅ Irms without θ is known as the apparent power. With θ, S˜ is known as the complex power. Both S˜ and S have units of VA or kVA or MVA.

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