Edgar Allan Poe (Who Wrote That?) by Jennifer Peltak

By Jennifer Peltak

Credited because the father of the trendy horror tale and the 1st detective novel, Poe nonetheless conjures up legions of fanatics to today.

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His Aunt Maria was even poorer , subsisting through se wing and dressmaking and borrowing money from acquaintances. Lik e her brother, Edgar’s father, Maria was not afraid to “resort to the pity of others” in order to survi ve. The death of Maria’ s husband, William Clemm, shortly before Edg ar arrived in Baltimore had left Maria alone with her tw o young children, Virginia and Henry. Poe mo ved in with the Clemms. Ov er time, according to Meyers, Maria became a mother f igure to him, and was “absolutely de voted to Poe.

Poe would soon develop romantic feelings toward his cousin, and the two would marry in 1836. 31 AM Page 43 3 I Am Dying, Yet Shall I Live IN 1831, EDGAR Allan Poe returned to Baltimore. The city most closely associated with Poe, Baltimore was the one link to his blood relatives. Poe’s years in Baltimore, from 1831 to 1834, are the least documented of his life. Out on his o wn for the first time, he pursued his ambitions, worked hard, and was often saddled with mundane jobs or unemplo yment. His relationship with John Allan was all b ut severed, and Poe k ept few acquaintances from Richmond.

26 AM Page 62 62 EDGAR ALLAN POE is a general who la vishes praise on modern inventions. The narrator, however, ultimately discovers that the general has lost nearly all of his original body parts in battle and wears prosthetic limbs and f ake body parts held together by screws. Poe is clearly mocking society’ s “progress” by creating a barely human general as its mouthpiece. ” One of Poe’s great contributions to literature was his introduction of poetic elements to fiction. In “Usher,” the repetition of sounds, as well as “the ab undance of dashes and other pauses, [creates] a mood of somber menace.

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