Doing Philosophy by Joel Feinberg

By Joel Feinberg

Transparent and concise, this short advisor can help you write a winning paper-even when you've got no earlier formal heritage in writing philosophy papers. Contents contain subject choice, outlines, drafts, right and mistaken citation, argument improvement and assessment, ideas of fine writing, type, standards for grading pupil papers, and a overview of universal grammatical and dictional error. moreover, the ebook devotes a number of chapters to simple ideas in common sense, that have confirmed precious for philosophy scholars such as you during significantly contemplating and writing in regards to the principles and arguments they stumble upon.

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The first four attempts, then, to solve the problem of “sexist pronouns,” are in my view, failures. I reject or find flawed “his,” “her,” “his or her,” and “their” (with a singular subject). By my reckoning, that leaves three other formulations, and I find each of these a satisfactory solution to the sexist pronoun problem. The first is the all-plural formulation: • All persons should do their own thing. Here the plural pronoun agrees with a plural subject and all is harmony. Second, we could write that— • One should do one’s own thing.

If you are writing about a relationship between two things, then you use, as I just did, the word “between,” but if a relationship connects more than two things, then “among” is the preferred preposition. Thus, • World War II was a conflict among many countries, though in military terms it was primarily between Germany and the Soviet Union. There was a strong competition between many companies. A love affair broke out among Robert and Shirley. These latter two examples turn the rule upside down.

No matter what sort of hypothetical audience your paper speaks to, however, it is important that it be intelligible to those persons, for otherwise your paper will be beyond the understanding of precisely the sort of reader you would like to reach. If you are to communicate at all, your prose must be intelligible; for your prose to be intelligible it must be clear; and the great enemy of clarity is wordiness. The way to avoid wordiness is to cultivate the basic communicative virtues— simplicity, directness, and economy.

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