Discovery of Cosmic Fractals by Yurij Baryshev

By Yurij Baryshev

A presentation of effects at the greatest fractal constructions within the universe. It seeks to steer the reader, in an easy approach, to the frontiers of astronomy, explaining how fractals seem in cosmic physics, from our sun procedure to the megafractals in deep house. It additionally bargains a private view of the historical past of the assumption of self-similarity and of cosmological ideas, from Plato's excellent structure of the heavens to Mandelbrot's fractals within the sleek actual cosmos. furthermore, it discusses the nice fractal debate in astronomy (after Luciano Pietronero's first fractal research of the galaxy universe), which illustrates how new suggestions and deeper observations demonstrate unforeseen elements of nature.

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So Jean Buridan and Nicole Oresme accepted that the Earth is motionless, even though they criticized the proofs: one should not use poor arguments in defending the truth. That it had become possible to imagine the rotation of the giant heavenly spheres without the pushing angels, might be called an adjustment of the cosmological model to better fit new ideas developed by physicists down on the Earth. However, the road of small adjustments had come to its end. Chapter 2 The gate into cosmic order Nicolaus Copernicus was a miracle man: he stopped the sky which had revolved from times immemorial.

And we were impressed to see, while writing this book, how Henri Poincare emerges in many connections, including fractals, relativity, and gravitation. In recent times two of our colleagues have made decisive contributions to the understanding of the galaxy universe and to the discovery of cosmic megafractals. Georges Paturel made possible a comprehensive view of the local universe by creating the marvelous Lyon Extragalactic Database. Luciano Pietronero could see a novel general picture in the apparent confusion of diverse observations and introduced new concepts and methods of analysis.

The "three whales of cosmology", theory, principle and observation, already lived a simple life in Bruno's thought. Though no astronomer, Bruno was aware of the difficulties which hamper attempts to observe distant celestial bodies. Stars are like our Sun, but so distant that they look like points of light. Around them are planetary systems, but the planets are too faint to be seen. g. they may be very distant, or they may be small in size, or they may be poor reflectors of sunlight. Having to base his cosmological thinking on scarce observations, Bruno explained the absence of direct evidence as a result of selection effects - this concept is still quite important in modern cosmology.

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