Diesel Generator Handbook by L.L.J. Mahon

By L.L.J. Mahon

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A central automatic control panel operates the two main packages. Control can be programmed for either electric power or heat output priority. Depending on the mode selected, the controls give fine regulation between the two extremes of: 1. meeting the site's electrical power, and any consequent heat demands; and 2. using all the generator output to drive the heat pump and maximize hot water production for on-site processes. The generator may be used to provide standby power to essential loads within the process plant.

3 Compression ratio The efficiency of any engine working on an ideal constant-volume cycle depends upon its compression ratio (or more precisely, its volumetric compression ratio). This is the ratio between the greatest and least volumes of air in a cylinder during one cycle [5]. This volume is at its greatest when the piston is at its lowest position and is about to start upward in the compression stroke. It is at its least when the piston is at its highest position in that stroke. The volume corresponding to the latter position is the clearance volume.

In practice, in order to limit the maximum cylinder pressure to a level which does not prejudice the durability and reliability of the engine, the engine designer has to compromise between the requirements for ease of cold starting and the limiting stresses imposed by the engine's running gear when operating at maximum power. Factors such as 1. piston boss loading, 2. big end and main bearing loading, and 3. cylinder head gasket sealing integrity, will influence the maximum cylinder pressure which can be employed [7].

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