Dictionary of Marine Natural Products with CD-ROM by John W. Blunt, Murray H. G. Munro

By John W. Blunt, Murray H. G. Munro

Pushed through the significant, but mostly unexplored, power of bioactive organisms within the ocean and enhancements in analytical strategies to facilitate their study, typical items scientists face an expanding desire for single-source reference cataloging the present wisdom and state-of-the-science concerning marine common items.

Dictionary of Marine usual items with CD-ROM offers a entire source for greater than 25,000 recognized usual items drawn from marine organisms. Following an identical layout to the Chapman and corridor Chemical Database, this dictionary indexes each one product through chemical identify, CAS registry quantity, and compound kind. Documenting all recognized marine traditional items, every one access contains the organic resource, chemical constitution, actual homes, organic job, and literature references for every compound. An accompanying CD-ROM is totally textual content and structure-searchable and permits distinctive entry to this useful source. The editors, John Blunt and Murray Munro, either pioneers within the box, additionally offer an introductory monograph that describes structural compound varieties and marine organisms.

Marine organisms supply a fragile, but abundant resource for an unlimited array of novel items whose targeted structural good points cause them to compatible drug applicants, insecticides, marine anti-fouling brokers, and extra. The
Dictionary of Marine average items net model offers researchers a brand new instrument for constructing pharmaceutical and chemical purposes of marine average items.

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7 Oligosaccharides and polysaccharides (VE9300, VE9400) Oligosaccharides are most often found as glycosides in, for example, plants, antibiotics and some glycoproteins. Polysaccharides are the most abundant form of carbohydrates. Cellulose is the principal constituent of plant cell walls providing their structural strength. Starch and Glycogen are found preponderantly in plants and animals respectively where they serve as energy reserves. Whereas glucose is the building unit for the previous three polymers, Chitin, which is found in the shells of arthropods, is a polymer of 2-acetamido-2-deoxyglucose.

Et al ), SpringerWien, New York, 1983, Vol. , J. , Chem. of Nucleosides and Nucleotides, Plenum Press, New York, 1988, Vol. , Studies in Natural Products Chemistry, (ed. Atta-ur-Rahman), Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1988, Vol. A. , Methods in Plant Biochemistry, (ed. , Methods in Enzymology: Mass Spectrometry, (ed. ), Academic Press, San Diego, 1990, Vol. , The Chemistry of Natural Products, 2nd edn (ed. ), Blackie, Glasgow, 1993, 259 4. OXYGEN HETEROCYCLES (VF) Many simple natural products contain basic oxygen heterocycles - although most can be seen to be derived from polyketides or carbohydrates, some have unknown biosynthetic origins.

31 Precapnellane and capnellane sesquiterpenoids (VS4200, VS4250) Precapnellanes and capnellanes are of marine origin. Capnellanes are 4,11-cycloprecapnellanes. 4 DITERPENOIDS (VS5350 ÁVS7340) The diterpenoids constitute a large group of compounds derived from geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate. They are found in higher plants, fungi, insects and marine organisms. , Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products, (eds, Herz, W. et al ), SpringerWien, New York, 1971, Vol. , Biosynthesis of Isoprenoid Compounds, (eds.

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