Deleuzian Intersections: Science, Technology, Anthropology by Casper Bruun Jensen

By Casper Bruun Jensen

Technological know-how and expertise stories, cultural anthropology and cultural reviews take care of the complicated family members among fabric, symbolic, technical and political practices. In a Deleuzian process those family members are noticeable as produced in heterogeneous assemblages, relocating throughout differences comparable to the human and non-human or the cloth and perfect. This quantity outlines a Deleuzian method of examining technological know-how, tradition and politics.

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Both refer to an excluded exterior. Indeed, Adrian Mackenzie notes that in some of Latour's earlier work the concept of the collective is understood to be 'the outcome of an event in which some element of the pre-individual reserve associated with individuated beings in a domain is singularly structured. In this event, both the individuated beings (subjects, objects, assemblages) and the collective itself become something different' (Mackenzie 2005: I 4). Despite these similarities (which Mackenzie also goes on to question), for me the crucial distinction between Latour's and Whitehead's work on this point concerns their · relation to what it is or is not possible to know of that excluded dimension.

And yl't, she continues, the conception of reality in terms of bearing witness demands that the earth and the sun and the revolutions be understood to be absolutely specific to and therefore contingent upon - the relations that constitute them. '[W]hoever doubts the ex ist'l� nce of the Sun would have stacked against him or her not only the witness of ast 1\m onwrs and our everyday experience, but also the witness of our retinas, invented to dt•tt'Ct light, an0 the chlorophyll of plants, invented to capture its energy' (Stcngcrs 2000: 98).

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