Contemporary Iran: Economy, Society, Politics by Ali Gheissari

By Ali Gheissari

Iran is a key participant in probably the most an important problems with our time. yet as a result of its relative diplomatic isolation and the partisan nature of conflicting debts voiced by way of varied curiosity teams either inside and out the rustic, there's a scarcity of difficult information regarding the dimensions and intensity of social switch in contemporary Iran. during this quantity, and enforcing roster of either across the world well known Iranian students and emerging younger Iranian teachers supply contributions--many in line with fresh fieldwork--on the character and evolution of Iran's economic climate, major features of Iran's altering society, and the dynamics of its household and foreign politics because the 1979 revolution, focusing quite at the post-Khomeini interval. The publication could be of serious curiosity not just to Iran experts, but in addition to students of comparative politics, democratization, social switch, politics within the Muslim international, and center jap experiences.

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6 million individuals) identified by community organizations to be in extreme poverty (worth about $820 million in 200610). By international standards, the incidence of poverty in Iran is quite low. Comparisons of poverty levels are more difficult than measures of inequality because there are no satisfactory ways to compare living standards, and therefore poverty thresholds, across countries, whereas there are objective statistical yardsticks to compare levels of inequality. The World Bank (2005) reports poverty (and inequality) measures for a number of countries, including Iran, using the standards of $1 and $2 per person per day.

4 percent (2002). Services grew at about the same rate as the GDP, 4 percent. 2. Per capita household expenditures, 1984–2004. Source: HEIS, 1984–2005; author’s calculations from microdata. 2004 2002 2000 1998 1996 1994 1992 1990 1988 1986 1984 0 O I L W E A LT H A N D E C O N O M I C G R O W T H 9 Oil resources by themselves cannot sustain growth of this magnitude in the long run. Despite the sharp increase in the price of oil in recent years, oil prices cannot increase forever, and as they stabilize, or even begin to fall, the recent oil-propelled growth will run out of steam.

The decile dispersion ratio, which measures the ratio of average consumption in the top 10 percent to that of the poorest decile, is more sensitive to changes in the tails of the distribution. 6, this ratio has fluctuated between 15 and 20 from 1984 to 2000, rising sharpest during the 1990–1993 period when rationing had ended and reconstruction and restructuring was in full swing. 6 corroborate the stability in inequality that was just noted using the Gini coefficient; at another level, it shows greater inequality than is reflected in the Gini.

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