Conservation laws by Crowell, Benjamin

By Crowell, Benjamin

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Such a force could be broken down into two components, one along the direction of the motion and the other perpendicular to it. The force vector equals the vector sum of its two components, and the principle of vector addition of forces thus tells us that the work done by the total force cannot be any different than the sum of the works that would be done by the two forces by themselves. Since the component perpendicular to the motion does no work, the work done by the force must be force θ F|| F k / Work is only done by the component of the force parallel to the motion.

4 J. 34. What is object B’s kinetic energy? ] Solution, p. 156 10 The moon doesn’t really just orbit the Earth. By Newton’s third law, the moon’s gravitational force on the earth is the same as the earth’s force on the moon, and the earth must respond to the moon’s force by accelerating. , the earth wobbles around the center of mass of the earth-moon system once per month, and the moon also orbits around this point. The moon’s mass is 81 times smaller than the earth’s. Compare the kinetic energies of the earth and moon.

As a final note, you may wonder why reactions such as these only occur in the sun. The reason is that there is a repulsive electrical force between nuclei. When two nuclei are close together, the electrical forces are typically about a million times weaker than the nuclear forces, but the nuclear forces fall off much more quickly with distance than the electrical forces, so the electrical force is the dominant one at longer ranges. The sun is a very hot gas, so the random motion of its atoms is extremely rapid, and a collision between two atoms is sometimes violent enough to overcome this initial electrical repulsion.

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